Why we invested in Flink

Flink is now bigger than the entire retail market in Mexico and is growing rapidly.

We believe Flink is different from players in more established markets because of the maturity of its customer base: Flink is creating a market.

Flink is in the business of making sophisticated tools and value creation opportunities available to a market that has never had access to these offerings until now. It is a huge opportunity that also comes with a lot of responsibility to do it right.

We believe our market opportunity with Flink extends beyond Mexico to other emerging markets like Chile and Colombia.

02.02.2021 — Celebrating one million (!!) users




VC @ALLVP, Investing in Fintech in LatAm

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Chloé Novène

Chloé Novène

VC @ALLVP, Investing in Fintech in LatAm

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